Frequently Asked Questions

Finding an agency partner is no small deal. We get it. So here’s some more information and background to help you get to know DKY better. Honestly, we’re glad you made it this far into the website.

Partnerships & Policies

Question: How Does DKY Charge for Services?


Our goal at DKY has always been to keep the financial relationship as straightforward as possible, and we’re creating a new way of doing things. Learn more about this, and see a basic framework of our estimating/billing model: the DKY ProtainerTM.

Question: How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?


The most common way to quantify marketing investment is by percentage of total revenue, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Check out our guide on determining marketing budgets where we help answer this in more detail.

You may have to start small, but start somewhere and build toward great!

DKY Distinctives

Question: Is DKY a Christian Marketing Agency?


If you spend time around the DKY office, you might get the sense that there is something deeper going on. At least that’s our hope. Read more about DKY’s values and what makes us distinct.

Squirrel Lore

Question: What Does DKY Stand For?


DKY was founded in 1994 as the brainchild of three adventurous 20-somethings, for whom the agency’s name stands: John Denn, Tom Kelby and Mark Yaeger. Learn more about DKY’s history.

Question: What’s the Story with the DKY Squirrel?


Depending on who you ask, the DKY squirrel represents many things, from aspirational and resourceful, to versatile and fun!

We try to have fun with our furry-tailed mascot, and you can read more about the DKY squirrel here.