Are your digital and social campaigns missing the mark?

A Digital + Social Assessment from DKY can get you back on track.

Digital marketing – which includes websites, email marketing, social media, SEO, paid search, inbound marketing strategies and more – are most successful when they’re born out of a strategic planning process like DKY’s Digital + Social Assessment.

The primary substance of this work is a detailed review designed to reveal key insights and lead to actionable next steps.

What happens in the Digital + Social Assessment? 

Every Assessment is customized to fit the client, but in each case we will:

  • Take inventory of known challenges, including a list of things that are broken, underperforming or missing
  • Look for unknown (previously undiagnosed) issues
  • Identify and understand what’s working already
  • Audit and assess existing technologies, processes, analytics, etc.
  • Discuss and define goals, including “wishlist” items

What will you gain from the investment? 

With the Digital + Social Assessment Report in hand, you can expect to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of your existing digital landscape, including what’s actually working and what isn’t
  • Know which opportunities are worth addressing, in what order, and why
  • Understand the impact of these on your ROI
  • Gain confidence and clarity for future digital/social opportunities

Ready to start?

Chances are, you already know where DKY can help your brand succeed. Let’s do this.